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While my base is in London, my eternal wanderlust has led me to be on the road for 2 years now! I tend to come back roughly every 6-8 weeks, usually from another European country, sometimes further away.
As I have only limited time in each place I visit and I have a carefully chosen circle of established clientele in the places I frequent on a regular/semi-regular basis (London, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam), I highly recommend signing up to my newsletter to be the first to know of my tour dates.
My availability for the foreseeable future:

to be published soon (after my mailing list is notified!)

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Details for "open" dates:
- Happy to stay in the previous place longer, come to the next one early or make a stopover on my way (these would be in the UK, France, Belgium or Germany) - on Sep 9, a stopover available within the UK only, for other countries FMTY/TMTY
- Available for FMTY/TMTY
- If you want to go on a little vacation together (anything above 24h), this can be done anytime from Sep 19 - Nov 9 or from Dec 10

My availability for the foreseeable future:

Apr 4-20:
🇳🇱 Amsterdam/Rotterdam/The Hague

from Apr 21:
open to pre-book 4h+ dates anywhere in the UK/EU and 24h+ elsewhere

Details for "open" dates:
Semi-open for FMTY's during my Netherlands dates but Apr 21 onwards would work much better for that!

This page is regularly updated as my schedule gets clearer but between moving so often, prioritising my other ventures and notifying my mailing list first, it may occasionally end up not being the most up-to-date.
If the dates above have passed, please feel free to
contact me directly.
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