someone's day

I feel like I put myself in a bit of a corner here: I set out to describe our date, yet I know I am not able to do so.

What we experience together depends on not just you and me and our connection but also the time in our lives that we meet in, what we seek out of it, and even just the mood we are in that day. It can be a life-changing moment, a much needed retreat away from life or just a laugh-filled, frivolous affair.
Whatever the case, I can promise you this: it's a time that belongs only to us, where we can forget about everything and everyone else, let go of any expectations, worries and stresses life throws our way and be free to just be our genuine selves.
I wholeheartedly believe all of the above - but I am also pragmatic and understand the need to know few more details so that we are on the same page and not waste each other's time.
As such, let me tell you that our encounter will be primarily in the realm of GFE - maybe with a cheeky detour (or two) into something a bit kinkier. So, while I am open-minded and very much enjoy exploring different fantasies, if you are after hard impact play or similar, I would recommend seeing one of the wonderful ladies who specialise in it.

Please note I take my health very seriously and will not do anything that could jeopardize it.
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