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I am a firm believer that the best physical stimulation comes from being stimulated mentally first.
As such, I highly prefer and prioritise longer dates where we can get to know each other better without feeling rushed!
If we haven't met yet, I recommend our first introduction to be a 3-4 hour lunch/dinner date. I find this to be the right amount to get to know each other in a relaxed way, naturally build our chemistry and let it take over the rest of our date.
However, I also love a man who knows what he wants (and, better yet, makes it happen!).
I put a lot of effort into making sure my site, social media and newsletters portray me accurately; so if the way I think and see the world resonates with - or intrigues - you and you want our first date to be an overnight or longer, you're guaranteed to make me swoon!
Dates of 3 hours and longer will require sustenance - this could be a dinner out, room service if we don't feel like leaving the bed or we could make something together!
(Brownie points if you're the one cooking and my contribution consists of choosing the tunes, sipping on a boutique wine and providing a bit of healthy distraction (whether that's asking questions that might make you ponder things a little too much or, well, I'll let you use your imagination!))
Leisurely dinner date (6h)
Let's make a night of it! We could start with a stroll through a gallery, go to a gig or indulge in a spa couple treatment - the possibilities are endless! We then enjoy a sumptuous culinary experience before, finally, tasting something that not even the most exclusive restaurant has on their menu.
Both my and clients' personal favourite.
Dinner date (4h)
A dinner date is a classic - for a good reason. Really, what is better than unwinding after a long day over a delicious meal, great conversation and even better dessert?
Great choice for our first encounter.
Short introduction (2h)
Let's get acquainted, find out what makes each other tick and - of course - act on it!
For those who wish to make their acquaintance but don't have much time to spare.
Brief encounter (1h)
Sometimes life just doesn't want to cooperate and one hour is all we have - so let's make it count!
For when life doesn't allow for more moments of bliss.
For those ready to truly indulge...
Night like no other (up to 14h)
Whether we decide to enjoy all that the city has to offer or we retreat to the privacy of a hotel room right after dinner, one thing is for certain: this will be a night to remember.
Day of bliss (up to 24h)
Let's escape the bustle of the city at a reviving spa break or simply take the time to really delve deep into each other's mind - after all, this day is where we can truly get to know each other.
Weekend getaway (2-3 days)
The perfect way to end your week. As we explore a new city or enjoy the serenity of the countryside, a weekend together is when our connection can fully blossom.
The ultimate indulgence (7 days)
Whether we go for a leisurely beach holiday, satisfying our wanderlust and immersing ourselves in a new culture, or a visit to an all-time favourite destination, we will, no doubt, create memories to last us a lifetime.
An arrangement
You know you want to meet regularly. You might want exclusivity. Or you would like to simply ensure I visit your city (more) often. Whatever the case may be, an arrangement is likely the answer - let's talk about it on our next date.
For other durations, please enquire.

Couples: add £100/h for dates up to 4 hours - for longer dates, please enquire.

I am paid for my time and companionship only. Anything that happens during that time is a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults.
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