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getting happiness out of brightening someone's day

getting happiness out of

brightening someone's day

someone's day


Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris mid-June - details can be found here!

Otherwise back in London - permanently!

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The one thing you need to know about me is that I see beauty everywhere.

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I especially see beauty in:

- knowledge
Brains are sponges and mine is one with an active desire to get wet (not unlike other parts of me)!
Within the past week alone, I realised there are two versions of Karl Hofer's 'The Record Player' (one in Kansas City, the other in Vienna), noticed music goddesses across cultures often also embody sexuality and feminity (from Hathor to 素女 (or Sunü if you can't read Mandarin!)) and played with the idea of starting a digital garden.
(As much as something in me would love to update this sentence for accuracy, it would be an endless process and one that would very much go against the intentionality that I like permeating my life - so you might need to ask me for the current ones when we meet!)
- ambition
While I often find pleasure in the little things in life, from the delicious stretch of the pigeon pose to cozying up under a huge fluffy blanket (especially if it's not just me under there!), my goals are anything but little.
I've always been one that loves to excel - and does excel (I know, very modest!) - and build things bigger than me. Many of my long-term aspirations involve working on big oil canvases, however the main part of my vision circles around supporting and uplifting emerging artists (across many disciplines). No wonder I savour hearing the likes of Lianne La Havas live just as often as good company - and on the best nights, I get to relish in both!
You might already be getting the sense that I'm a firm believer in spending time on the things that make your heart beat (congratulations, you're right!). Although both of the above do that to the point they could resuscitate me, they are far from my only endeavours. What can I say, I get too excited about new prospects and ideas, whether they utilise my STEM background or not, so my attention can sometimes be like a butterfly in the wind - one that always finds its way back to its course though!
- authenticity and honesty
I like my mooncakes sugar-coated but my conversations? Not so much!
Sometimes I feel like bluntness gets a bad rep. When someone says they tell it like it is, it's often assumed that it's just a way to excuse rude behaviour (because, admittedly, that often is the case). But you can definitely be blunt and for it to come from a place of kindness. And, actually, I find that sometimes being unabashedly honest is the kindest thing you can do.
- seeing beyond someone's surface
I've always believed in quality over quantity. I'd much rather spend a night getting to know the real you than a week full of meaningless chatter. After all, if we can't express ourselves in ways that we would not be able to otherwise together, then when? We've created a space in time that belongs only to us - that is the ultimate luxury. Experience so delectable it would make a Michelin man introduce a 4th star.
What's the real me then?
(Oof, this is getting a little existential!)
Although I'm often told I'm "lovely" and "sweet" (still feels strange to write it myself to be perfectly honest!), mischief runs through my blood. And if you are so lucky, you might just see it in action - you won't always be able to put a finger on what I'm thinking but you'll sure see ten little devils in each eye.
...and much more! But perhaps you'd like to see a little more beauty in your life?
Sasha kneeling on a floor of a luxury room next to a treasure chest, wearing red lace lingerie and looking over her shoulder

Sasha in numbers (and words, I suppose)

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