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getting happiness out of brightening someone's day

getting happiness out of

brightening someone's day

someone's day


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You have found yourself here because you need an escape, a packet of time that exists outside of the craziness that life can sometimes become. Whether you are after a deep connection or a fleeting romance, you do your research to find the perfect fit for you; maybe that is me, maybe it is not. If it is, I can think of three main reasons why (and, no, the pictures are just a bonus):

A pale, blonde escort undressing, showing a peek of pink lingerie, next to a white bed
Luxury escort Sasha Carter sitting on the edge of a white bed, removing a pink jumper and so revealing pink lace lingerie
High-class escort Sasha Carter, kneeling on a bed half-naked, suggestively looking over her shoulder with her big brown eyes

Why me?

I am always my own authentic, genuine self...
I can't act to save my life - well, I have a great poker face but I just can't express something I am not feeling convincingly. And even if I could, I wouldn't want to: authenticity is one of my main values.
(The others are art, achievement, connection and exploration if you were wondering - though I feel I need to include at least a dozen of asterisks for each because they can mean wildly different things to different people! - You probably can already tell I tend to go off on tangents a lot - I know, I know, it's not considered good writing, but I feel like context is everything and, after all, it wouldn't be authentic if I didn't.)
So when you see me enjoying our time together, you can rest assured I really am - because, trust me, you could tell otherwise.
...which can mean a lot of things:
Though I am often told I am "lovely" and "sweet" (still feels strange to write it myself to be perfectly honest!), I definitely have a mischievous streak; I don't like to take myself too seriously and when we meet, you are guaranteed to see my cheeky smile telling you I'm up to no good!
driven, curious,
I have a lot of aspirations in life that span a pretty wide range of areas (from art and languages to maths and tech) and can get curious about virtually any topic (there's just too much beauty in the world!). If you happen to ask me about any of my goals or what I am living for at the moment, be prepared for a long, excited chatter that goes on a lot of tangents (and don't tell me I haven't warned you!).
honest, insatiable, witty, optimistic (with a sprinkle of cynicism) and much more...
I could go on and on trying my best to describe myself (a surprisingly difficult task - or not that surprisingly if you really think about it) but I have a suspicion you are already getting the sense of what I am like through my rambling so let's move on, shall we?
...but, most of all, I will be completely enwrapped in you and our time together because I truly love what I do
Though I can still get nervous myself (I mean, it is a first date after all, don't we all get that little excited, nervous feeling?), it evaporates as we spend our time together. Just as you forget about everything else in your life, so do I - we have created a space in time that belongs only to us, one where we can just revel in each other's company and express ourselves in a way that we would not be able to otherwise. And that is the ultimate luxury, one I wouldn't trade for the world.
If you've gotten this far, you seem to be intrigued enough to explore the rest of my site - so I invite you to get to know me better, see what our date could be like, and, who knows, even set one up!
Sasha kneeling on a floor of a luxury room next to a treasure chest, wearing red lace lingerie and looking over her shoulder

Sasha in numbers (and words, I suppose)

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